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Northeast Ohio Fun Guide is owned by Rick and Christy Pavia. We grew up in Northeast Ohio (Rick in Cleveland and Christy in Mentor and Solon) and we still live here. We have two boys who are turning 13 and 11 this year. It seems like just yesterday we were changing their diapers! Anyway, Rick works in Marketing and Christy works in education. We love finding fun and interesting things to do in Northeast Ohio.
The roots of NEO Fun Guide traces back to early 2008. The boys were much younger and we had a tough time finding fun and interesting things to do with the kids. The existing resources were inaccurate, outdated, difficult to navigate, only featured paid advertisers or were full of boring stuff. The proverbial light bulb went off and Cleveland Family Fun Directory was born. Yes, back then it was geared strictly  toward the family-friendly audience and advertisers,. What started out as a simple business idea really took off, and we soon had a monthly printed guide, web site, e-newsletter, apps and a Facebook page. Advertisers were supporting it so it was all free to the people in the community due to their generosity. That was the model until November 2016.
In November 2016, we decided to eliminate the printed version and go completely digital. In May 2017, we decided to broaden the focus to all things fun, not just family-oriented fun. Hence, the name change to Northeast Ohio Fun Guide. This also broadens our audience and our potential advertisers, who we rely on to offer  NEO Fun Guide free of charge to people throughout NEO. 

Our Mission:
To serve people by providing them with a free, comprehensive and easy to use resource for finding out about fun things to do in Northeast Ohio.To serve the people who own or work for businesses in Northeast Ohio by providing them with a free, comprehensive and easy to use resource for building awareness, trial and repeat customers for their businesses. To support local organizations and help them reach their goals while also doing our part to make Northeast Ohio a Fun Place.

Hopefully you're still awake after reading that! If you have any other questions, want to leave feedback or advertise your business, you can reach us via the methods below. Thanks again for your interest and HAVE FUN....life's short. 

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